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SRL Pharma offers the widest range of antacid raw materials worldwide.


SRL Pharma supplies antiperspirant ingredients and cosmetic raw materials for a variety of applications.

Antacid Compounds

Aluminium hydroxide or aluminium hydroxycarbonate, is the most widely used antacid active. It is available as both a suspension and powder and maybe used alone or in combination with magnesium hydroxide.

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Luxopharm F211 and F311 are tabletting diluents based on pure, synthetic Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate and Dihydrate respectively. The special crystalline structure of Luxopharm assures constant tabletting performance.

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Antiperspirant Actives

Antiperspirants based on inorganic aluminium salts enable reliable sweat reduction. SRL Pharma offers actives for all kinds of antiperspirant formulations.
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Rheological Additives

Gilugel® is a lipogel which lends both stability and viscosity to cosmetic emulsions. Gilugel® is composed of 20% Aluminium-Magnesium-Hydroxide-Stearate, as the active material, which is based on the inorganic pharmaceutical active, Hydrotalcite. The remaining 80% consists of specific oils or ester, in which the active material is gelled. 

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